At ATTO TETTEH, we believe Africa has a story yet to be told. The African, bold, strong and courageous has always been fashionable. Color, warmth, energy, sophistication and sartorial elegance is our description of this fashion sense.

For the past decade ATTO TETTEH has gained repeated recognition for its work in fashion and has over the years been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The Guardian and more. ATTO TETTEH, known as one of Ghana’s premier men’s clothing brands, is known for combining components of street wear to create high-fashion outfits for the contemporary man. Despite the fact that the brand is primarily a menswear company, it does dabble in a few pieces for ladies, choosing high-quality materials to fit today’s trendy lady.

ATTO TETTEH, a luxuriating brand provides men and women all over the world with quality and trendy clothes which has a touch of African culture. With very carefully selected fabrics and immense attention to detail, we construct clothes that makes the ATTO TETTEH man and woman look exquisite.

The ATTO TETTEH team collaborates to guarantee that every artwork made tells a story. The core mission of the brand is to create and embrace cultural tales through designs that celebrates the ATTO TETTEH man and woman.